Engage in democracy

Ballot Box is a platform that helps people engage with issues they care about.
Have your say on issues of the day and find out the positions of politicians, public figures and your own community.

For the people

Download the Ballot Box App on your phone. 
Anonymous, no login required and quick to get started.

Be informed

  • Learn about the issues effecting you

  • See what pollies, public figures and companies have to say

  • Find out the opinions of other voters and those in your community

Tell them what you think

  • Rate the issues that you care about the most

  • Give feedback to the pollies on their stances and policies

  • Raise new issues and ask questions to the pollies and public figures

Compare them head to head

  • Be reminded when there is an election near you

  • In election mode easily and quickly compare the pollies

  • Get a score based on how much you agree or disagree with their policies and stances

Compare politicians and find out where you stand. Ballot Box gives you the biggest issues of the day from local to global.

For the politicians

88% of surveyed voters said they are willing to use the Ballot Box app and 54% said they are more likely to be influenced by it.

Be present

  • Have your own profile page to make yourself more reachable

  • Put forward your policies to your constituents

  • Submit your stances on issues that matter to your voters

Get feedback

  • See which issues your electorate cares about the most

  • See what your constituents think about your policies and  stances

  • Receive and answer questions from your electorate

Enhance your strategy

  • Reach swinging and undecided voters


  • Go beyond the echo chamber and be on an equal footing with your competitors

  • Get detailed demographic insights into your performance

A successful campaign needs to understand what voters care about. Ballot Box will give you a direct line to your voters.

For organisations

Increase your membership engagement by running a private box. Quickly and easily ask questions of your members and run internal elections.

Membership engagment

  • Keep your members up to date with issues effecting your organisation

  • Send push notifications to quickly survey your members

  • Increase membership retention through engagement

Help run your elections

  • Enable election mode when running internal elections

  • Create a single place for candidates to present positions

  • Help your membership be better informed on the candidates asking for their vote

Better understand your membership

  • Better understand your membership base to better represent their interests

  • Gain a rich data set of the opinions of your members

  • Become data driven in your organisational decisions


For the media and analysts

If you are a media organisation or an analyst and would like to know more about Ballot Box and how you can participate in the ecosystem or leverage the rich data, please contact media@ballotbox.app

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